Flash plugin - Tiny Javascript Library - updated 11th July 2011

The flash plugin started quite large. Gradually its got smaller. (once you satrt with the old axe, it's hard to stop

Browser messages telling me to update this and that really drive me crazy. So I'm not going to bother anyone else with silly messages. If their flash player is out of date it's probebly because they don't care! etc etc - so it's very small.

Tiny javascript library: Easily editable (by a baby) = Extendable - support for Flash - Cross Browser support - 3k.

Science is fun!!!! never take it seriously.

Download the Library

Download text of the tiny javascript library
download tiny javascript library.zip

So here it is


ex: $(myid).fl('mylogofilm',200,200);

ex2: $(myid).fl('myfilm',100%,100%,'wmode=transparent,xyz=abc,etc=dada');

More soon.

Some of you will understand this plugin and either tear your hair out and have recourse to your email, (or reach for your pistol!) others will fall off your chair laughing.

If you are not sure, it will work on most browsers but NOT all, some versions of IE will fail so if the flash content is desperately important to your page use flashSWF or similar. This inserter literally just does that - inserts it with no tests whatsoever. Not good

I have tested it on IE6 up to IE10 (preview) = OK, Opera - I can't remember but the latest included. All= OK.
Konqueror OK but transparent no go. (Will look into that - but I have my work as a research engineer to do and I haven't even done the dishes or the floors yet.
webkit browsers (google safari) = OK as are Gecko (eg firefox).

So enjoy - but remember, checks, balances and careful loading and safe unloading are done for very good reasons. (Mostly to do with IE)
I'm more concerned for clients with low bandwidth, so I've gone for small. And hay, IE uses are used to memory leaks :)


usage 1) put an swf with one param


usage 2) put an swf with two params and a FlashVar


usage 3) put an swf with a param and two FlashVars


So if you use FlashVars you must put in at least one param (this is not Python). - suggest wmode=window as above.

The plugin
flash plugin


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Could put 123px here in place of %s.